Sherab Kloppenburg

Founder + Principal

Taking the 'big tent' approach to design Sherab Kloppenburg includes graphic design, 3D modeling, hand drawing, research, craft and more to bring an idea into reality. She pursues her elegant and efficient design ideas with an artist’s eye and from the heart. Sherab likes to make things with her hands as much as design them; when the project calls for hands-on involvement she is ready to jump in.

"I have a Masters in Architecture from Colorado University and have worked as a professional designer for over 10 years.  I seek out design projects that have artistic elements and a strong connection to the natural world. At every opportunity re-claimed, re-used and responsibly sourced materials and design concepts are employed."

"I have traveled extensively from a young age and discovered that the craftsmen and artisans are, the people I connect with most easily. I am attracted to the scrappy resourceful, re-using networking people I call “makers”.  I know now that I am one of them and together we are a proud tribe of creators. My travels and residency outside of the USA inform my aesthetic.  I also uphold a strong commitment to do quality work for all to enjoy."